Columbia University


Ignite Change.

In collaboration with SCG Creative, I worked with Creative Director Aruna Naimji and designer Leo Lemos to create this campaign for Columbia University's Klingenstein Center to promote their newly launched programs for educational leadership. 

About Columbia University's Klingenstein Center: Klingenstein Center is a prestigious, full scholarship program aimed at fostering innovation in education and enriching school leaders and executives. The goal of the program is to identify entrepreneurial-minded school leaders and support them through a dynamic program that focuses on thought leadership and innovation in the education sector by bringing them together to learn and teach each other.

Audience: Klingenstein Center prospectives are most commonly heads of schools, education executives, and deans who often have a expertise in both in businesses and education. They have own been executives at non-profits and private organizations before directing educational programs.

Ignite Change Mailer and Print Ad: We first created the Ignite Change campaign for advertising in various business and education trade magazines to appeal to the insatiable need for improvement many education executives and heads of schools have in common. This design was also formatted as a direct mail piece. I photographed the macro matches still-life and designed the ad.

Lead the Change You Seek: We created a subsequent campaign, Lead the Change You Seek. The pathways design of the print ad and companion brochure is reminiscent of the New York City subway map. There are many roads which lead students to enrolling at the Klingenstein Center and likewise there are many paths your career can take after graduating from one of these prestigious programs.