"So what's with all the animals?"

Alignkraft specializes in research, positioning and branding for private founder-driven companies seeking a breakthrough in marketshare and profit. The agency is built around the idea that people respond to brands in a primal way and that as humans, we simply can not override our primal instincts that have been hardwired into us from inception.

Audience: CEOs of private, founder-driven companies who feel like their business is stuck in a rut and are look for a smart, strategic, results-oriented strategy to overhaul their brand in a big, dramatic way and are not afraid of diving in deep to the core of their business challenges

Art Direction: In designing this website I took the notion of primal animal instinct from the copy direction of Aruna Naimji and ran with it. Video backgrounds, process diagrams and case studies are some of my favorite design features we created for the Alignkraft website. In particular I wrote each case study and created each infographic and data visualization on the site.

Team: SCG Creative with Creative Director: Aruna Naimji/Rahul Siddharth, and Designer: Leo Lemos